RISE-D001 Conscious Travel in Guatemala

Conscious Travel Series - Short Courses on Destinations

Guatemala’s rich biodiversity, living culture, and majestic landscapes make it a highly sought after destination for travelers and expats. With this growing demand for tourism services, Guatemalan communities find themselves constantly innovating for inclusion in the travel market. However, the inequality and discrimination experienced by indigenous populations are unfortunately perpetuated by local and international tourism practices. After a 36 year-long civil war, Guatemalans continue to deal with corrupt governments, low access to education, poverty, colonial mindsets, and gentrification. This course is meant to provide insight into the current issues and context of Guatemala, while showcasing ethical travel actions and local initiatives that support intersectional development of both local communities and travelers.


RISE Guest Instructor; Co-founder & COO, Etnica Travel

Sofía Godoy

Sofía has over 10 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in Guatemala, Mexico and Central America. She has a masters in cultural tourism and a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management. She's the co-founder and chief operations officer for Etnica, a social enterprise focused on creating job opportunities through responsible tourism in rural Guatemala. She has field experience from her former days as an Intrepid travel tour leader. and is also part of the RISE Travel alumni network.

RISE Guest Instructor; Co-founder & CEO, Etnica Travel

Pablo Martinez

Pablo (he/him) has a bachelor’s degree in International Commerce from the Cuauhtémoc University of Mexico. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Etnica, a social enterprise with 7 years of experience dedicated to creating job opportunities in Guatemala through fair trade activities and responsible tourism. Pablo represented Etnica in 2021, as one of the winners of the UNWTO Global Startup Competition. He has field experience both in Mexico and Guatemala working as a tour guide for international DMC’s. He’s also an entrepreneurship advisor for local community projects and small businesses.

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