RISE-T011 The Ethics of Travel in Times of Pandemic

Short Course Series on Sustainability and Anti-Oppression in Travel

As Covid-19 vaccines continue to roll out especially in high-income countries, more and more people are thinking about traveling again. What are some ethical questions we need to consider before making the decision to travel? What is vaccine equity? If we decide to travel, how do we support the local communities without putting their safety at risk? If we decide not to travel anytime soon, what can we do as global citizens to contribute to vaccine equity? The objective of this course is to provide participants with the tools to understand global vaccine equity and to make informed travel decisions that do the most good and least harm to the communities of their destinations during the pandemic.


Founder & Executive Director, RISE Travel Institute

Vincie Ho, Ph.D.

A humane educator and social justice advocate, Vincie (she/her) founded RISE Travel Institute in June 2020 with the commitment to engage young people in important conversations around human rights, animal protection and environmental sustainability in the context of travel. She is also the creator of Paths Crossing, a card game designed to foster cross-cultural connections and inspire mindful travel decisions. She has been involved with Impact Travel Alliance since 2018 and currently holds the position of Chapter Engagement Lead on their global team. Before Vincie started working in the nonprofit world, she was a university French lecturer and linguist for over a decade. As an academic, she had the opportunity to travel around the world for conferences and fieldwork. In 2010, she left academia to work in the area of refugee empowerment in Senegal, a transformative experience that motivated her to pursue a second career in international peace and human rights, as well as sustainable travel. Vincie has a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hong Kong and a Master of Arts degree from University College London. She has also obtained various graduate certificates and diplomas from the Institute for Humane Education and New York University in the United States, the United Nations University in Japan, and l’Université de Franche-Comté in France. She is based in the Greater New York City Area.