RISE-T012 Ethical Storytelling for Travelers

Short Course Series on Sustainability & Anti-Oppression in Travel

One of the things we most enjoy doing when traveling is sharing our experiences with other people, but do you give much thought to how you share those experiences? What you include and exclude, the words and images you choose, how you navigate your personal perspective — it all makes a difference. In Ethical Storytelling for Travelers, dive into the importance of mindful messaging — especially in the travel context. Learn strategies for avoiding stereotypes, choosing the right words, sharing balanced narratives, and navigating power dynamics. Walk away feeling confident that when you share your next travel experience with others, you’re doing so in the most ethical way possible. Please visit https://www.risetravelinstitute.org/t012 for course details.


RISE Guest Instructor; Founder of Rooted Storytelling

JoAnna Haugen

JoAnna Haugen is an award-winning writer, speaker, consultant, and solutions advocate who has worked in communications-related positions in the travel and tourism industry her entire career. She is also founder of Rooted, a solutions platform at the intersection of sustainable tourism, social impact, and storytelling. Through Rooted, JoAnna helps tourism professionals decolonize travel experiences and support sustainability using strategic storytelling. In 2021, Newsweek named JoAnna a winner in the storytelling category of its Future of Tourism awards. She was also nominated for Bessie Awards in two categories: Most Impactful Piece of Writing and Collaboration of the Year; winners will be announced in May 2022. Additionally, JoAnna is a two-time grant recipient from the Nevada Arts Council. A returned Peace Corps volunteer, international election observer, and intrepid traveler, JoAnna currently resides in Carthage, Tunisia.

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