RISE-T014 How to Travel Ethically as a Digital Nomad

Short Course Series on Sustainability and Anti-Oppression in Travel

With remote work on the rise over the past decade and only accelerated due to COVID-19, people are continually deciding to pack up & go; taking their work on the road with them as they decide to travel to dreamy destinations. And, with more and more people relocating to new places and destinations offering digital nomad visas, the need for the conversation around sustainable & responsible travel is greater than ever. This short course will help guide you in making ethical decisions when traveling as a digital nomad and push you to reflect on the destinations you choose to travel to, people you engage with, and experiences you decide to partake in on arrival.


RISE Guest Instructor; Head of Account Management for WeTravel

Keri Pfeiffer

Keri Pfeiffer is the Head of Account Management for WeTravel & a RISE Travel Institute Pilot Program alumni. She has not only worked in the travel industry for the past five years but has also been traveling as a digital nomad since 2016. As cliche as it sounds, she has a passion for yoga, great wine, and experiencing new cultures. With digital nomadism on the rise, it is her hope that more people take an interest in sustainable & ethical travel as they choose their next destinations to work from.

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