RISE Travel Institute's Flagship Program is an online certificate program consisting of 10 sessions over 10 weeks (February 2023 Cohort from February 20th to April 30th). The content explores different aspects of sustainable travel through structured, rigorous, research-based education. We are taking a systems-thinking approach to address the intersection of social justice, community development, animal protection, and environmental sustainability with regards to travel. Students that successfully complete the program and a capstone project will receive our Certificate in Sustainability and Anti-Oppression in Travel. Session 1 - Understanding Sustainability and Sustainable Travel: Beyond the Environmental-Social-Economic Approach Session 2 - Confirmed session Title: Travel & Me: Locating Ourselves in the Spectrum of Power Session 3 - Building Inclusivity: Rethinking Travel in an Unequal World Session 4 - The Power of Decolonizing Tourism Experiences and our Impact to Indigenous Land and People Session 5 - Animals in Tourism: Implications and Solutions Session 6 - Conserving Biodiversity through Sustainable Travel Session 7 - Global and Local Impacts of Climate Change from and on Tourism Session 8 - Beyond Good Intentions: Challenging the Power Dynamics in Voluntourism Session 9 - Photographing with Intention: A Travel Photography Primer Session 10 - Towards a Regenerative Future: A Holistic Approach to Intentional Travel

Tiered Pricing Model Explained

To ensure our programs and courses are more accessible for everyone, we offer tuition options based on the income level of your country of residence. We use the World Bank's country classifications by income level in 2021-2022 to set tuition discounts for residents in upper-middle income countries (UMIC), lower-middle income countries (LMIC) and low income countries (LIC). Please read our pricing FAQ carefully before registering: